Omid Jokar

PMP Course

“ Hey, I also thank the group of technologists, especially Mr. Amani, for the very useful and valuable class of the PMP exam preparation course, which I think was the third course.
Excellent, valuable and strongly I recommend to my dear friends who intend to take the exam
Thank you ”


Mohamad Hoseini

LEED Course

Mr. Ebadi, The LEED class was excellent and I was able to get the information I wanted. Thank you. ”


Mehdi A.

PMP Course

Mr. Amani, Thank you for your efforts and compassionate teaching. If I had not taken this test class, I would not have been able to continue and prepare for the exam before January. The most important thing about the class was that despite the busy schedule, we had to do the classroom and the tests. ”



PMP Course

Mr. Amani, Motivating me in the PMP test preparation class gave me a much better understanding of the issues at hand and the PMP chain loops were connected one by one.
Thank you very much ??? ”


Amirhomayoon Tabatabaei

NPPE Course

“ Thank you very much for your efforts and an excellent presentation by Mr.Soleimani for the NPPE class, and his compassion for conveying the material as well as possible really surprised me.. ”