Terms and conditions

I understand that if I use a promotional discount when registering, that I am limited to one discount, and that depending on when I am registering, I may be required to pay the full balance at the time of registration to receive the published discount amount. I also agree that all applicable cancellation/refund policies apply, and that all promotional codes must be submitted at the time of registration. I understand that Fanavaran will not honor retroactive adjustments and that the total discounts received cannot exceed the total cost of the products purchased.

If I choose to participate in the Refer-a-Friend program, I do so voluntarily and understand and agree to the following:
  1. My referral code expires 3 months after the issue date.
  2. For each new customer that registers for one or more Fanavaran’s course using my referral code and the student attends at least one of the courses for which they registered, I will receive a $15 Fanavaran course tuition credit which I must be used before expiry date. My friend will also save $15 off their course tuition (regardless of the number of courses they register for). The referred customer must be a new customer, meaning that they cannot have any students that previously attend a Fanavaran course, webinar or had an account in Fanavaran’s website.
  3. Referral codes must be used at time of registration and payment and cannot be retroactively applied.
  4. Referral codes can only be used once per client. I understand that Fanavaran will credit the referral based off the referral code that the new client enters at the time of registration.
  5. The Refer-a-Friend program does not apply to any registered in the same account.
  6. The tuition credit will be applied within 4–6 weeks from the time the referred client registers and pays in full, or sooner. If the referred friend cancels all of his/her sessions, the credit will be removed from My Account and I will be responsible for any account balance that is created as a result of the lost credit.
  7. Referral codes may not be placed on coupon-sharing sites.

I agree that Fanavaran has the right to cancel a course. If a course is cancelled, I understand that I may enroll my student in another course. I agree to be responsible for any costs for the new course that are above the amount paid for the original course. If another course is not available in the local vicinity for the same dates, a refund will be issued for all monies paid to Fanavaran for the cancelled course. I understand and agree that if Fanavaran is forced to close a course based on a recommendation by the local Health Services Department (in the case of a communicable disease outbreak, etc.) or due to other acts of nature, I will not be entitled to a refund.


Fanavaran strictly follows its payment policies as per below:
  1. Canadian Dollars: I agree that all financial transactions are made and quoted in Canadian Dollars.
  2. Non-Refundable Fees: Courses may be cancelled without penalty until the second session however orders cannot be cancelled after the second sessions and the course’s fee will not be reimbursed.
  3. Cancellation: I understand and agree that I must make my changes and cancellations through an email to info@fanavaran.ca (please note “Cancellation” in the subject line).
  1. Refunds: If I cancel my registration through email as set forth above, any time before the second session, I understand and agree that the amount I paid will be refunded between 5-10 business days.
  2. I agree that refunds will NOT be issued for withdrawals/no shows or cancellations after the second sessions.


  • Fanavaran reserves the right to update or modify these Terms & Conditions at any time. Fanavaran is not a university-sponsored event. Activities, guest speakers, and tech tours will change session to session and may not apply to all locations.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a course if participation numbers are not adequate. In the case where a suitable Fanavaran replacement week is not found, a full refund will be issued.


  1. I understand that Fanavaran partners with and uses the intellectual property of some third-party companies. I agree to uphold the copyright and trademark rights of Fanavaran and their partners.
  2. All class recordings are Fanavaran’s intellectual properties, and you must not transfer (by any means) them to anyone else.
  3. Regardless of the format at issue, making and distributing unauthorized copies of class recordings is against the law and may subject you to civil and criminal liability.

Ground Rules


  • You must receive a confirmation email including your course receipt (you can download it again from your Fanavaran’s account)
  • After signing up in any courses, you will receive an email including the course’s Telegram group. Please join the group and do not share it with anyone.
  • Joining the course’s Telegram group is mandatory
  • If you have any questions regarding the course, you can either send an email to info@fanavaran.ca or communicate with our educational manager and the instructor in the course’s Telegram group.
  • Your questions will be answered no more than 3 business days
  • Make sure to read Fanavaran’s COPY WRITE POLICY and act accordingly.


  • All our courses will be help virtually using ZOOM
  • It is your accountability to install ZOOM on your computer, laptop, or tablet to participate in the course
  • You will be asked to provide a GMAIL address to use our GOOGLE CLASS.
  • Our official communication channels are EMAIL and TELEGRAM using your email address and phone number mentioned in your registration form. Fanavaran is not responsible for any defects in these communication channels.
  • Camera-ON might be requested by the course instructor
  • Make sure not to be absent more than 25% of the course sessions. Failed to attend minimum 75% of the class total time will lead to drop off the course.


  • Your enrollment is solid and UNCHANGEABLE after the second session. It means you cannot refund the registration fee
  • If you are willing to convert the registration fee to credit and using it in another course, please send an email to Info@fanavaran.ca using “Convert to credit” title and attach your
  • Any changes in the class including but not limited to time, date and educational source will be announced through our official communication channels up to 60 minutes before starting the class
  • It is recommended to pin the course Telegram group and turn the notifications ON
  • Access to all recorded courses of Fanavaran is for SIX months and after SIX months your access will be expired,if you need to use the course again you should to extend the use of the recorded files by paying 50% of the tuition of each course.


  • You will receive the course CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION if you pass the minimum requirements. You can download it from your Fanavaran’s account as well.
  • You have access to the shared educational materials for 3 months after the course completion