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Junior Water Resource Engineer/Hydraulic Modeller


Junior Water Resource Engineer/Hydraulic Modeller

GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd. is looking for Junior Water Resource Engineer/Hydraulic Modeller in the area of Hamilton, ON with the responsibilities listed below:

  • Support Infrastructure Planning Studies Consisting of: Subwatershed Studies, Flooding Risk Assessments, Master Plans, etc.
  • Provide numerous technical accountabilities based on your background, training and experience ranging from municipal engineering application and design support, servicing strategy development and evaluation.
  • Administer small engineering projects and assist with the management of larger engineering projects.
  • Provide project support and leadership duties.
  • Support Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modelling of Urban and Rural stormwater systems and wastewater collection systems


There are already 8 applicants so hurry up!

Full Description: LinkedIn

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