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Interns – Research & Development, Communications


Interns – Research & Development, Communications

KellyKinetix is currently  recruiting a Research & Development, Communications Intern for September 2021!  **Unpaid Position**

See below for some examples of what your role  entails .  Please note this is only a small snapshot of what your role will be involved with:

  1. Assist with communication related to new leads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and emails that come through the website. 
  2. Assist Admin Assistant/CEO/Business Development Associate with development or revisions to any documents pertaining to the Internship
  3. Assist Business Development Associate to conduct market research of KellyKinetix’s target demographic
  4. Research tools, platforms, methods that can be implemented in KellyKinetix structure (any department)
  5. When required, develop communication tools to be used within the organization and/or with clients


Job Link: LinkedIn

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