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Everything Essential About Gold Seal Designation and How to Acquire It

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Everything Essential About Gold Seal Designation and How to Acquire It

Gold Seal is a standard of excellence offered by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA), which establishes, manages and frequently upgrades national professional certification standards for construction management; accredits construction executive experts involved in the industrial, commercial, institutional and civil infrastructure sections against these national standards; AND promotes certified guidance, education and instructions for construction management practitioners.

Construction management professionals with Gold Seal Certification (GSC) have accomplished the highest standard of excellence in the industry, have validated industry experience and are greatly esteemed among professionals. Companies that hire GSC professionals are usually looked upon as leaders for their devotion to quality and perfection through education, training, and continues expansion of expertise field and skill advancement.

Professional Gold Seal Certification (P.GSC)

The P.GSC credential is the most professional type of Gold Seal Certification. It is a golden chance for those who already got Gold Seal Certification and are looking forward to further improve their competence, grasp new skills and earn extra validity in the industry. The P.GSC certification ensures that experienced accredited professionals manifest a biennial commitment to professional enhancement activities, community support, industry advocacy and continuation of construction management instruction.


By Kourosh Jahanbiglary, GSC, PMP


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