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A Basic Guide to PMP

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A Basic Guide to PMP

PMP is one of the certificates that PMI gives to people who have the prerequisites, provided they pass the exam. The PMP holder is recognized as an expert in project management. It is now a must for project managers to have this degree in the vast majority of large international companies. Many experienced managers use different methods to solve problems in their projects. The PMI suite with the book PMBOK has designed a way to help project managers make the right decisions in difficult situations.

Many immigrants experience rejection of their resumes when they arrive in Canada, in addition to the culture shock. In fact, these resumes lack a section that validates them from the perspective of a Canadian employer. In this case, having the appropriate designs can show the employer that the owner of the resume:

  • In terms of professional ethics, he has the necessary commitment
  • Has the necessary professional experience
  • Approved in terms of technical knowledge

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By Mo Amani, P.Eng, PMP

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