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University of Zanjan Mechanical Engineering Major Course Description


University of Zanjan Mechanical Engineering Major Course Description

he University of Zanjan (ZNU) is located in Zanjan, Iran. It was founded in 1975 and organized in four faculties. Nowadays it is one of the largest universities of the country with a community of over 10,000 students. At the 2006 census, population of the nearby urban area (Zanjan city which is about 5 km away) was over 400s and the nearby rural area was only 125.

ZNU (the ex-Higher School for Agriculture & Animal Science) started its activities in 1975. In December 1975, as ratified by the state council, land with an area of 440 hectares was dedicated by the Forestry Organization to ZNU. On February 20, 1976 Zanjan Higher School for Agriculture & Animal Science started its work under the new title Zanjan Agriculture & Animal Science College while it enhanced its Agriculture & Animal Science Courses to a BS Level.

With a Council for the Expansion of Higher Education agreement (April 25, 1987) on enrolling students in the Engineering college, the council altered the Zanjan A&AS college title to a center for higher education on May 8, 1987 (including Engineering and Agriculture colleges).

Following this the science and humanities colleges were established in 1990 & 1991, respectively, and the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education changed the center for higher school in Zanjan to University of Zanjan.

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