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Key Points in Finding a Dream Job


Key Points in Finding a Dream Job


One of the biggest challenges for the candidates in job finding is that recruiters will be able to find their resume. The best thing you can do is put out your resume in companies files which you wish to work for. Using job finding websites and social media are very helpful to find a job. The following tools are recommended to use:

  • Upload your resume to job websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, …
  • Creation of a job alert in the web career section of the companies that interested you
  • Job posting sites such as LinkedIn
  • Activate “Open to opportunities” function in LinkedIn
  • Search local Employment agencies which are more specialized in your professional background
  • Social Media: There are a lot of employers that post their job position in social media such as Instagram and Facebook
  • Network

Recruiters look at each resume for about 6 to 10 seconds to find a really well-presented resume. The key words must be on the resume otherwise you are not going to be find. Make sure that your resume can be figured out in the first 6 to 10 seconds of the recruiter looking at it.


The ABC of your resume
  • The general appearance of a resume: it should be concise and clear
  • The location of the candidate: if you can relocate, you can write this underneath your current address (for example: open to relocate to Toronto immediately)
  • Candidate’s professional titles: write your professional titles in your resume
  • The approximate number of years of experience: write the start and end date of your past experiences.
  • Be factual by using action vocabulary and citing the numbers, for example the project value you have worked on.
  • Use keywords to grab the recruiter’s attention
  • Adapt your CV to the targeted position


  • The maximum of your resume should be 2-3 pages. For candidates who have more than 15-20 years’ work experience the number of pages can be more. Never leave out your skills out of the resume to make your resume shorter.
  • Some elements are irrelevant to include on a resume:
  • Anything that may be subject to discrimination (date of birth, marital status, religion. Etc.)
  • A photo


Prepare for your interview
  1. Visit the company website and research all the specifics of the company
  2. Reread the job description and make the links between the responsibilities of this particular position and your professional experiences
  3. Prepare questions- do not be afraid to ask questions. It is highly recommended to ask a question because it shows you are interested in the position. In fact an interview is a two-way street and when you are in the interview it means that your skills in the paper were enough to bring you into an interview, however the recruiters want to see if you are a good fit in terms of personality and soft skills as well.
A very important note for who has a long or complicated name

It is recommended that shorten your first/last name before immigration. Not only reading long names is difficult for Canadian, but also it might be written incorrectly by them. If you did not change your first/last name for any reasons, it is better to choose a nickname. Your nickname can be included in most of your documents and solve this problem.







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