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At Fanavaran, We Help You Build Your Tomorrow, Today!

We will build the best together with effort and expertise.

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We are a team of professionals managers and engineers from top Canadian Universities with years of experience in corporate and academia.

Our main goal is to offer high-quality and affordable education to engineers and managers looking for a new job or advancing their careers.

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At Fanavarn, you can take hundreds of courses from one of the top Canadian educators. We offer various courses in different fields such as engineering, management, architecture, etc., and help you get the professional designations that you always want to. We carefully handpicked our instructors who are well-respected in their fields with years of experience. Our courses are open to anyone and are offered online by a live instructor.
You can join the classrooms from the comfort of your home. So no excuse to learn something new! Either it’s software that helps you in your day-to-day job, skills that give you an edge to get your dream job, a certificate that you need to advance in your corporate career, or even the knowledge that gives you the confidence to start your own business; we are here to help!.

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I love their flexibility. Even when my request is too complicated to handle. they could still suggest something useful for me.

Flora Paddington

/ Freelance Coordinator

“Best out of the best in the online coaching field …”

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by 700+ Students for 3200+ Sales

Excellent guiding instructions. They are all great mentors at life & career

Fannie Moreno

/ Developer

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  • Training
  • Networking
  • Mentorship
  • Career Development
  • Consulting

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The guys behind the curtains

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Alireza Ghandchi


Mo Amani

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Babak Babaee

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Arham Askafi

فایل تکی

Behnam Sepehri

Video Designer

Ayda Firuzy

Web Developer
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Parisa Khaleghi

Digital Marketing Manager
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Hamed Afzali

Online Support

Heyran Thaghipur


Koosha Goodarzy

Content devloper

Nafiseh Shilani

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