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About Us

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Mo Amani

P.Eng, PMP

babak babaee

Babak Babee

P.Eng, MBA

The goal in instituting Fanavaran was to take a small step in providing high-quality and affordable education to Canadians who were ready for the challenge of finding a new job or advancing in their careers ,a goal which was achieved through cooperation with a group of engineers, experts, professors, and managers.
Through benefiting from influential professors, boasting a prestigious faculty, and available educational resources, we have witnessed the progress and myriad achievements of our students.
Planning and designing special courses, all according to our students’ needs, are among the services Fanavaran offers. This capability is indication of a faculty with great capabilities in the area of educational needs assessment.
At Fanavaran, it is our mission to provide new educational perspectives through our modern and dynamic approach.
With Fanavaran, no matter where you are, you will be successful.

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